Virtual Exhibits Investment Program

Through the Virtual Exhibits Investment Program, develop online exhibits, interactive resources and other educational resources that engage online audiences in Canada's history and heritage.

Beginning with the winter 2013 Call for Proposals, the Virtual Exhibits Investment Program is introducing two exciting new changes to the program.

First, the Program is offering its members two options when considering submitting a proposal:

  1. Thematic stream – members may select topics from a list of identified commemorative events leading up to Canada's sesquicentennial in 2017:

    A list of identified commemorative events eligible for the thematic stream has been posted for your reference as based on the Government of Canada's Key Milestone Anniversaries on the Road to 2017. Additional details about the thematic option can be found in the Program Guidelines.

  2. Regular stream - members will continue to have the option of submitting a proposal through the "regular" stream.

Secondly, CHIN member organizations are encouraged to adopt mobile-friendly website design.

A series of information sheets have been prepared to provide additional details about mobile Web development:

Please note that due to planned updates to the VMC Teachers' Centre the creation of learning object collections and lesson plans will not be required through this Call for Proposals.

Additionally, CHIN has recently conducted a survey of content gaps on the VMC, in order to determine which subjects/ themes are under represented. Beginning with this Call for Proposals a list of these gaps is available for your reference in Annex D of the Program Guidelines.

Product Types

Specifically, proposals can be submitted for the creation of the following types of products:

Virtual Exhibit
A stand-alone production with a cohesive approach to the content.
Interactive Resources
Interactive games, quizzes, on and off-line activities.
Educational Resources
A production that contains educational information that may or may not be tied to a specific curriculum-related topic.
A production that allows users to exchange information, share stories, etc.
Virtual Tour
A production that provides a tour of a physical space/site, such as a historical site or a physical exhibit.

Value of Investment

We provide investment up to a maximum of $250,000 excluding GST/HST.


The Virtual Exhibits Investment Program is only open to CHIN members:

  1. Basic or Contributing Members;
  2. Associate Members making a proposal on behalf of multiple museums and having an ongoing role in representing museums or managing several institutions.

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Eligibility Restrictions

  • Institutions may submit more than one proposal. The Virtual Exhibits Investment Program, however, does not invest in more than one production at a time from any institution.
  • An institution already working on a VMC Investment Program production must launch its production before any subsequent proposals from the institution are eligible for consideration under other investment programs.
  • Institutions that have received prior investment from CHIN are eligible to submit a proposal. They are only eligible, however, if they comply with and abide by the terms and conditions, including all reporting requirements in previous agreements signed with CHIN.


The evaluation process is outlined in the Program Guidelines. This process takes approximately four months from the deadline date for receipt of proposals.

The Program's budget is limited and all eligible proposals are evaluated on a competitive basis.

For more information, contact the Virtual Exhibits Investment Program

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