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A Canadian Museum's Guide to Developing a Digital Licensing Agreement Strategy

About the Author

The need for information about licensing digital content has quickly grown. The author of this book, Lesley Ellen Harris, began working with Canadian museums initially through conferences she attended where she led seminars and spoke on panels on digital licensing. The first seminar Lesley gave on digital licensing was at a museum conference in 1997. Shortly after, she began giving a similar seminar through her own company,, and often in conjunction with various associations, to audiences ranging from six to sixty persons. Lesley has presented this seminar, which she continues to teach today, throughout Canada and the U.S., in London, England, and in Copenhagen, Denmark. Since 2002, she has taught the online version of this course, Digital Licensing Online, on an on-going basis.

Lesley is active writing articles on various aspects of digital licensing for North American and international publications, and in The Copyright & New Media Law Newsletter, which she also edits. Further, Lesley consults with clients in various sectors to determine and evaluate their strategy in licensing digital content, draft plain English licence agreements, interpret such agreements, educate about licensing content, contracts and copyright law, and develop Licensing Policies. These experiences are manifest in this 2nd edition of the book. The Canadian Heritage Information Network (CHIN) hopes that this new edition will provide a one-stop source for Canadian museums who are developing a digital licensing agreement strategy.

If you would like to share your digital licensing experiences with the author, she may be reached at Quick questions on copyright and licensing issues may be asked (and are answered) through the Copyright Qs & As section of Lesley’s weblog at

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