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  • Aboriginal Canada Portal

    From the Web site: "The portal offers ease of access and navigation to listings of Aboriginal associations, businesses, organizations, bands, communities, groups, news and peoples. <BR><BR>A portal is larger in scope than a site, it is a single window to on-line information and services of common interest. The information in this portal is organized and displayed from a users point of view. The Aboriginal Canada Portal links to the following sites in an organized manner: National Aboriginal Organizations, 12 Federal Government departments with Aboriginal mandates, all Provincial Governments and organizations with Aboriginal responsibilities, as well as all related Aboriginal community information."

  • Portail des Autochtones au Canada

    Du site W3 : "En passant par ce portail, vous accéderez facilement à une liste des associations, des entreprises, des organismes, des bandes, des collectivités, des groupes, des médias et des peuples autochtones. <BR><BR>Un portail est bien plus qu'un site. Il s'agit en effet d'un guichet unique qui permet d'accéder en direct à des renseignements et à des services d'intérêt commun. L'information y est structurée et affichée dans l'optique de l'utilisateur. Le portail est relié de façon méthodique aux sites des organismes autochtones nationaux, de douze ministères fédéraux et des gouvernements et organismes provinciaux ayant des mandats en matière de questions autochtones. Il donne également accès à l'information connexe sur les collectivités autochtones."

  • Corporation du patrimoine et du tourisme religieux de Québec

    Site d'information sur les lieux du patrimoine religieux à visiter à Québec et dans les environs, en plus d'avoir une description de chacun de ces lieux. <BR> <BR>

  • About us

    Overview of the products and services that the Canadian Heritage Information Network (CHIN) has developed to enable Canada's museums to engage audiences and learn from colleagues through the use of innovative technologies.

  • Intellectual Property on the Internet: A Survey of Issues

    From the document: "After a brief introduction describing general trends affecting the evolution of the Internet, the Survey addresses the evolving digital economy and the migration of intellectual property to the Internet, as well as the broader questions raised for intellectual property by the impact of information and communications technologies in the digital environment. The Survey focuses on recent developments in the traditional fields of copyright, trademarks and patents, as well as domain names, and progress in private international law and alternative dispute resolution. It also explores the particular concerns that face developing countries in e-development, and outlines the ways in which WIPO is addressing these various issues."

  • MINERVA-list

    From the Web site / du site W3 : "MINERVA has created a discussion list on digitisation themes in English language. The list is open to all people interested on the subject.<BR><BR>To subscribe:<BR>You can subscribe using your e-mail.<BR>Send a message to, leaving the subject blank and write in the area of the text the following message:<BR>SUBSCRIBE minervalist xxx@yyy (to add a name)<BR>UNSUBSCRIBE minervalist xxx@yyy (to cancel a name)<BR><BR>To send messages:<BR>After subscription, if you want to send a message to the list, write to"

  • Indigenous Bar Association (IBA)

    From the Web site: "The Indigenous Bar Association (IBA) is a non-profit professional organization for Indian, Inuit and Métis persons trained in the field of law. <BR><BR>Its membership consist of Indigenous lawyers (practicing and non-practicing), judges, law professors, legal consultants and law students. <BR><BR>As the field of Indigenous law develops, the public is becoming more aware and interested in Indigenous legal issues. The IBA plays an active role in promoting the development of Indigenous law and supporting Indigenous legal practitioners."

  • Association for Preservation Technology International (APTI) conference 2014

  • MINERVA (Ministerial Network for Valorising Activities in Digitisation)

    From the Web site / du site W3 : "MINERVA is a network of Member States' Ministries to discuss, correlate and harmonise activities carried out in digitisation of cultural and scientific content for creating an agreed European common platform, recommendations and guidelines about digitisation, metadata, long-term accessibility and preservation."

  • InterPARES (International research on Permanent Authentic Records in Electronic Systems)

    From the Web site / du site W3: "The International Research on Permanent Authentic Records in Electronic Systems (InterPARES) aims at developing the theoretical and methodological knowledge essential to the long-term preservation of authentic records created and/or maintained in digital form. This knowledge should provide the basis from which to formulate model policies, strategies and standards capable of ensuring the longevity of such material and the ability of its users to trust its authenticity."