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  • Request for Funding Opportunities (RFO): Portal Development for the Voluntary Sector

    From the Web site: "The Voluntary Sector Initiative (VSI) is a joint undertaking between the voluntary sector and the Government of Canada. It is a unique opportunity to focus on the voluntary sector as one of the three pillars of Canadian society, equal in importance to the public and private sectors... PROJECT DEFINITION: Strengthen the capacity of voluntary organizations to communicate and network by developing a Portal. The voluntary sector Portal is to be the focal point for current and future national activities and services for the sector. The purpose of this Portal is to provide meaningful contents and access to services that are of benefit to the sector as a whole. It should be a catalyst in building a sense of community amongst the diverse organizations that characterize the sector."

  • Demande de possibilités de financement (DPF) : Création d'un portail pour le secteur bénévole et communautaire

    Du site W3 : "L’Initiative sur le secteur bénévole et communautaire (ISBC) est une opération conjointe entreprise par le secteur bénévole et communautaire et le gouvernement du Canada. Il s’agit d’une occasion exceptionnelle de mettre en valeur le secteur bénévole et communautaire, qui, au même titre que les secteurs public et privé, forme l’un des piliers de la société canadienne... DÉFINITION DU PROJET : Établir un portail pour renforcer la capacité des organismes bénévoles et communautaires de communiquer et de faire du réseautage. Le portail du secteur bénévole et communautaire constituera le centre des activités et services actuels et futurs d’envergure nationale à l’intention du secteur. Il est destiné à offrir des contenus valables et l’accès à des services utiles à l’ensemble du secteur. Il devrait favoriser l’établissement d’un esprit communautaire chez les divers organismes caractérisant le secteur."

  • DELTA System (DEscription Language for TAxonomy)

    From the Web site / du site W3 : "The DELTA format (DEscription Language for TAxonomy) is a flexible and powerful method of recording taxonomic descriptions for computer processing."

  • Annuaire de l'archéologie francophone

    From the Web site: "Rechercher par département français. Rechercher par pays francophone. Derniers sites inscrits."

  • Visual Arts and Galleries Association (VAGA) [UK]

    From the Web site / du site W3 : "VAGA is a membership body that represents the interests of organisations and individuals concerned with the exhibition, interpretation and development of modern and contemporary visual art on behalf of the public."

  • UNESCO - Reports of the General Conference, 32nd session (including the International Convention on the Preservation of the Intangible Cultural Heritage)

    From the Web site: "Five standard-setting instruments, including the International Convention on the Preservation of the Intangible Cultural Heritage and the International Declaration on Human Genetic Data, were adopted by the 32nd session of UNESCO's General Conference that ended today, and which was marked by the return of the United States of America to the Organization and by the adoption of a real-growth budget of US$ 610 million for 2004-2005."

  • The Mystery of the '1940s Time Traveller': The Changing Face of Online Brand Monitoring

    A case study from which looks at museum issues related to brand monitoring, viral marketing, Social Web, copyright, and conversational capital.

  • Preserver Guidelines. Preserving digital records : Guidelines for organizations

    These brochure-style guidelines have been developed by The InterPARES 2 Project to provide concrete advice to those who are responsible for the long-term preservation of digital records. They are not intended to be comprehensive, but to highlight a number of areas that are particularly important to the preservation of authentic digital records, which experience has shown to be often overlooked in the rush to accept digital records into archival repositories.

    The guidelines have been tailored to address the preservation needs of organizations or programs whose records must be retained and consulted for long periods and those of archival institutions that take on the responsibility for the long-term preservation of the records of others and for their continuing accessibility to the public they serve. In both these cases, human and financial resources, as well as in-house technical expertise are frequently limited.

  • Digital Culture (DigiCULT)

    From the Web site / du site W3 : "Digital Culture (DigiCULT) is an IST Support Measure (IST-2001-34898) to establish a regular technology watch for cultural and scientific heritage over the period of 30 months (03/2002-08/2004)."

  • UNESCO - Rapports de la 32ème session de la Conférence générale (dont la Convention internationale pour la sauvegarde du patrimoine culturel immatériel)

    Du site W3 : "La 32e session de la Conférence générale qui s'est achevée aujourd'hui a été marquée par l'adoption de cinq textes normatifs - dont la Convention internationale pour la sauvegarde du patrimoine culturel immatériel et la Déclaration internationale sur les données génétiques humaines - mais aussi par le retour des Etats-Unis d'Amérique au sein de l'Organisation et par l'adoption d'un budget 2004-2005 en croissance (610 millions de dollars)."