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  • Agreement with Contributing Institutions | Membership

    The CHIN Agreement with Contributing Institutions outlines responsibilities for databases, duration of agreement, intellectual property, liability and applicable laws.

  • Guide to Good Practice in the Digital Representation and Management of Cultural Heritage Materials

    This publication by the National Initiative for a Networked Cultural Heritage (NINCH) set of principles and guidelines for good practice in the digital representation of cultural heritage and for the management of its documentation.

    Components of the Guide include:
    - Introduction
    - Project Planning
    - Selecting Materials: an Iterative Process
    - Rights Management
    - Digitization and Encoding of Text
    - Capture and Management of Images
    - Audio/Video Capture and Management
    - Quality Control and Assurance
    - Working With Others
    - Distribution
    - Sustainability: Models for Long-Term Funding
    - Assessment of Projects by User Evaluation
    - Digital Asset Management
    - Preservation

    Available in English only.

  • TechSoup

    From the web site: "Powered by CompuMentor, one of the nation's oldest and largest nonprofit technology assistance agencies, offers nonprofits a one-stop resource for technology needs by providing free information, resources, and support."

  • Responsibilities | Membership

    Responsibilities of member institutions when applying for membership at CHIN and after submitting an application.

  • Narrative History | About CHIN

    History of the Canadian Heritage Information Network (CHIN) and milestones in its development, beginning with its creation in 1972.

  • Incoming Links Strategy | Virtual Exhibits Investment Program

    Post-launch strategy for improving a website's search engine ranking and promoting an institution's digital content by increasing the number of relevant incoming links.

  • International Council of Museums' Marketing and Public Relations Committee (ICOM MPR)

    From the Web site: "The Marketing and Public Relations Committee of ICOM (ICOM-MPR), with a membership of individuals and institutions worldwide that number around 600, has devoted itself for over 20 years to the business of improving museum communication standards and establishing strong peer networks in the museum community."

  • Harmony Project

    From the Web site: "The Harmony Project, a international collaboration funded by DSTC, JISC, and NSF , will investigate a number of key issues in describing such complex multimedia resources in digital libraries:<BR>*Collaborate with metadata communities to develop and refine developing metadata standards that describe multimedia components.<BR>*Investigate a conceptual model for interoperability among community-specific metadata vocabularies. Such a conceptual model should be able to represent the complex structural and semantic relationships in multimedia resources.<BR>*Investigate mechanisms for expressing such a conceptual model, including technologies currently under development in the W3C (XML, RDF, and their associate schema mechanisms).<BR>*Develop mechanisms to map between community specific vocabularies using such a conceptual model."

  • Creators' Rights Alliance (CRA)

    From the Web site: "The Creators' Rights Alliance (CRA) / L’Alliance pour les droits des créateurs (ADC) is a coalition of national artists' associations and collectives responsible for managing authors' rights, which is devoted to the defense, the promotion and the protection of the interests of Canadian creators in relation to intellectual property."

  • BlackFlash Magazine

    BlackFlash Magazine, established in 1983, is about photography and new media in art. We present critical opinions and ideas about contemporary art from across Canada, the United States and beyond. The magazine includes profiles, interviews, reviews, feature articles, and artist projects from both emerging and established artists, writers, and curators.