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  • ICOM Curricula Guidelines for Museum Professional Development

    From the Web site: "The ICOM Curricula Guidelines for Museum Professional Development defines five broad areas of competencies—general descriptions of knowledge, skills and abilities (KSA's)—needed to work effectively in today's museums. The "tree" model depicted here illustrates the shared and functional competencies required by members of the museum field to understand and perform their jobs. Shared competencies, shown as roots and trunk, are those considered important for all workers to possess. Functional competencies, illustrated by interrelated branches and leaves, are those needed to perform specific activities."

  • Culture and UNESCO

    UNESCO Culture site covers Cultural Diversity, World Heritage, Intangible Heritage, Underwater Heritage, Movable Heritage and Museums, and Creativity.

  • Education at Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI)

    From the Web site: "The Office of Public Outreach's Education Group is dedicated to providing K-12 astronomy and space science education support. We have a variety of services, products, activities, and resources that are just click away."

  • Good Practice Handbook (for digitisation projects)

    This document is a result of the Minerva project's good practice working group (WP 6). It presents a practical handbook to the estblishment, execution and management of digitisation projects, with particular focus on the cultural area (libraries, museums, archives). The target audience of this handbook is teams within and across cultural institutions who are contemplating, or already executing, digitisation projects.

  • Conseil des Arts du Canada (CAC)

    Du site W3 : "Le Conseil des Arts du Canada est un organisme national autonome, qui a été créé en 1957 par une Loi du Parlement. En vertu de la Loi sur le Conseil des Arts du Canada, le Conseil a pour rôle de«favoriser et de promouvoir l'étude et la diffusion des arts, ainsi que la production d'oeuvres d'art»."

  • Museum Technological Project Registry

    MuseTech Central allows us to consolidate projects that deal with the use of technology in museums, libraries and archives

  • Instituto Latinoamericano de Museologia (Latin American Institute of Museology) (ILAM)

    ILAM is an institute of the National University of Costa Rica (UNA) dedicated to the study of Latin American Museology. ILAM proposes to join efforts to provide training, support and the exchange of information for the improvement and development of museums and natural parks of Latin America.

    The fundamental objective of ILAM is to provoke a process of constructive criticism and reflection on the role of museums and parks in our region. Also to identify and effectuate the necessary changes to develop an harmonic, responsible and involved relationship between our communities and their natural and cultural heritage.

  • University of Waterloo, Centre for Cultural Management (CCM)

    Located in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, on the UW campus, the Centre for Cultural Management (CCM) undertakes a broad range of activities providing leadership in cultural management education and research.

  • Thesaurus of Graphic Materials I: Subject Terms (TGM I)

    TGM I was created by the Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division to support both cataloguing and retrieval needs. It is used for subject indexing of graphical materials, including historical photographs, architectural drawings, artwork, etc. Includes a controlled vocabulary for describing "a broad range of subjects depicted in such materials, including activities, objects, types of people, events, and places". Proper names of people, organizations, events, and geographic places are not included. Available in English only.

  • Museum Archive software project

    Free collection management software for museums and other nonprofits.