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  • ICOM Canada

    ICOM Canada is ICOM's national committee representing canadian museums and encouraging their influence on an international level.

  • ParkNet: National Park Sevice (USA)

    From the Web site: "The National Park Service is a bureau of the Department of the Interior. Directly overseeing its operation is the Department's Assistant Secretary for Fish and Wildlife and Parks."

  • Outline of World Cultures (Murdock) - Human Relations Area Files

    The Outline of World Cultures by G.P. Murdock organizes the peoples and cultures of the world by ethic origin and assigns each group a unique classification number. The Outline of World Cultures is part of the culture and subject classification created and maintained by the Human Relations Area Files, Inc.(HRAF).

    This classification system is appropriate for use in the Culture field of Artefacts Canada: Humanities database. Available in English only.

  • Loi sur le Ministère du Patrimoine canadien

    Du site W3 : "Loi constituant le ministère du Patrimoine canadien et modifiant ou abrogeant certaines lois"

  • Using Online Tools to Help Raise Funds for Your Museum

    A review of various online fundraising tools and how to integrate them into fundraising campaigns for museums. The review includes best practices for online and offline museum fundraising activities.

  • Digitization Fundamentals

    This 45-minute tutorial will provide heritage and cultural institution professionals with information on digitization fundamentals, such as how to create digital images and a digital file.

  • Culture et éducation : Rencontres culture-éducation 2002-2003

    Du site W3 : "Dans le but d'aider le milieu de la culture et le milieu de l'éducation à mettre les jeunes plus directement en contact avec les arts et la culture dans le cadre des enseignements, le ministère de la Culture et des Communications a créé le programme Rencontres culture-éducation. Le programme couvre les champs des arts, de l'histoire et de la sensibilisation au patrimoine, de la langue et de la littérature, de l'éducation cinématographique, de l'éducation aux médias et de la culture scientifique et technique."

  • 7 Things You Should Know About.... series

    The EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative's (ELI's) 7 Things You Should Know About... series provides concise information on emerging learning technologies and related practices.

  • Ontario Association of Art Galleries (OAAG)

    From the Web site: "The Ontario Association of Art Galleries (OAAG) was established in 1968 to encourage the ongoing and cooperative development of the province's public art galleries, artist-run centres, art museums, visual arts exhibition spaces and arts-related organizations."

  • Digital Preservation Toolkit

    A complete toolkit to help museum professionals and volunteers assess digital preservation needs, and to develop policy, plans and procedures for digital preservation.