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  • Scout Portal Toolkit (SPT)

    From the Web site / du site W3 : "The Scout Portal Toolkit (SPT) allows groups or organizations that have a collection of knowledge or resources they want to share via the World Wide Web to put that collection online without making a big investment in technical resources or expertise."

  • A Museum Guide to Digital Rights Management

    A focus on the technical foundation and strategic decisions involved in practicing rights management; two parts cover the history of rights management and a review of current systems in museums.

  • Centre international pour le développement de l'inforoute en français (CIDIF)

    From the Web site: "Le CIDIF est un centre de recherche et développement en « internationalisation » et en « localisation » de logiciels et d'applications Internetone."

  • The Europe of Cultural Co-operation

    From the Web site: "Diversity lies at the heart of Europe’s cultural richness, which is our common heritage and the basis of our unity. The Council of Europe’s cultural programme aims to promote awareness of Europe’s multi-faceted cultural identity and to develop it and to meet the challenges facing European society…"

  • The Reference Model for an Open Archival Information System (OAIS)

    OAIS is a "conceptual framework for an archival system dedicated to preserving and maintaining access to digital information over the long term". OAIS is of interest to libraries, archives, museums, and other research repositories. The OAIS information model "provides a conceptual foundation" on which the PREMIS (PReservation Metadata) Data Dictionary is based. Available in English only.

  • Near Field Communication

    A brief description of near field communication describing what it is and how it can be used by museums.

  • Science Learning Network (SLN)

    From the Web site: "The Science Learning Network (SLN) is an online community of educators, students, schools, science museums and other institutions demonstrating a new model for inquiry science education."

  • Assemblée des Premières Nations

    Portail Internet de l’Assemblée des Premières Nations

  • Eric Langlois Speaks about Mobile Technology

    A series of video presentations by Professor Eric Langlois on mobile technologies such as QR Codes, Augmented Reality and RFID.

  • National Gallery of Canada Library Catalogue

    From the Web site: "Books, periodicals, exhibition catalogues, microforms, audiovisual materials and electronic formats are included in the catalogue.<BR>Auction catalogues, archives and documentation files have partial listings only in the catalogue; slides and study photographs are not included."<BR>