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  • Inside Installations : Documentation Model

    A three-year research project, managed by the Institute for Cultural Heritage (ICN), studying the care and administration of art installations.

    Includes over 30 case studies, as well as guides to good practice for preservation strategies, artists' participation, documentation/archiving strategies, theory/semantics and knowledge management/information exchange.

    Includes the "Inside Installations Documentation Model (2IDM)" which is intended "to support the preservation and presentation of contemporary art by providing an architecture that serves professionals to record, administrate and disseminate information and media". Available in English only.

  • Find a Professional Writer

    From the Web site: "Find a Professional Writer is an easy-to-use database, listing more than 450 professional writers in Canada by name, location, subject area, and types of writing services. There's no quicker way to find exactly the writer you need."

  • Labelling and marking objects

    This CIDOC fact sheet outlines the "methods used for labelling and marking of objects with their accession or inventory number". Available in English and French.

  • Managing Web Resources for Persistent Access

    From the Web site: "The success of a distributed information system such as the World Wide Web (www) for research depends on the long-term consistency of the interlinking between online resources and the persistence of the links that are provided in the catalogues, indexes and listings which constitute resource discovery services."

  • Seven things you should know about social bookmarking

    An introduction to social tagging, which explains what it is and how to participate in social tagging.

  • Testing a Vocabulary Standard Against Cataloguing Practice in Canadian Museums

    This 1995 study by Heather Dunn examines the correspondence between several fields (Object Name, Object Type, Material, Technique, Culture, and School/Style) of the CHIN Humanities National Database (now Artefacts Canada:Humanities) and the Art & Architecture Thesaurus (AAT). The results of the study demonstrate the validity of the AAT as a vocabulary source or search tool for CHIN's Humanities National Database. The study also makes recommendations to the Canadian museum community on the use of the AAT. Available in French and English.

  • Les archives historiques faces aux technologies de conservation

    From the Web site: "L'irruption des NTIC dans le monde des archives, surtout dans celui des archives historiques, peut susciter des interrogations éthiques nouvelles, voire des conflits d'intérêts d'un genre nouveau. Si certains de ces problèmes sont du même ordre que ceux auxquels doivent faire face les gestionnaires d'archives courantes et intermédiaires, d'autres sont propres aux professionnels de la conservation illimitée des documents à des fins scientifiques et culturelles. À défaut de fournir des réponses définitives, on essaiera ici de recenser l'ensemble des questions posées et de discerner qui doit y répondre."

  • Canadian Centre for Architecture Bilingual Term Lists

    These bilingual term lists were developed specifically for the CCA collections. The English terms they contain are based on the AAT; French terms were carefully added after checking use of the terms in the field of architecture. Bilingual term lists include:
    - Object Type
    - Object Component
    - Unit Catalogued
    - Subject Classification

  • IEEE-LOM (Learning Object Metadata)

    IEEE-LOM is a metadata schema for describing learning resources. It was created by the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) Learning Technology Standards Committee (LTSC) and has been harmonized with (and mapped to) the Dublin Core and the IMS standard. It includes a set of metadata categories or elements, with defined semantics and structure for descriptions of learning objects. It also includes a specification for XML encoding. Many national standards (e.g. Canada's "CanCore", the UK LOM Core, etc., are based on the IEEE-LOM. Available in English only.

  • Annex III: Eligible Costs (Archived) | Virtual Exhibits Investment Program

    Lists of the eligible costs and non-eligible costs which member organizations can use to calculate proposed VMC investment in content development productions for the Virtual Museum of Canada.