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    Stay connected to The Canadian Heritage Information Network (CHIN).

  • Canadiana (Digitization, Preservation, Access)

    From the Web site: " works to preserve Canada's print history and make it accessible online. Working closely with major memory institutions, we identify, catalogue, digitize and store documentary heritage—books, newspapers, periodicals, images and nationally-significant archival materials—in specialized research databases.

    The organization acts as a coordinator, facilitator and advocate for digitization initiatives, while providing access services and preservation infrastructures. Our flagship service, Early Canadiana Online, delivers 4 million pages of published heritage to Canada’s major research institutions, schools, and public libraries."

  • Université du Québec à Montréal et l'Université de Montréal, Maîtrise en muséologie

    From the Web site: "La Maîtrise en muséologie a une double mission : former des professionnels qui puissent améliorer la qualité des services rendus dans les musées à l'ensemble de la population et contribuer au développement de la recherche sur l'institution muséale, sa relation avec le public et sa fonction dans la société."

  • Towards a Semantic Web for Heritage Resources

    From the Web site: "This third Thematic Issue addresses the questions: What is the Semantic Web? What will it do for heritage institutions? And what is the role of certain languages, in particular XML and RDF?"

  • Careers in Culture

    The Careers in Culture web site includes information and previews of the Careers in Culture series, plus a training directory, typical cultural job ads, careers tools and links to other web sites.

  • NICE Paintings – the National Inventory of Continental European Paintings

    'NICE Paintings' contains detailed records of nearly 8,000 pre-1900 Continental European oil paintings from 200 public collections across the United Kingdom. Over 2,500 are illustrated with digital colour images, and more images are being added regularly. This pioneering database is the first phase of a project to bring together in one searchable catalogue all 22,000 old master paintings in UK museums. The project was funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, the Getty Foundation and the Kress Foundation.<BR><BR>‘NICE Paintings’ was produced by the National Inventory Research Project (NIRP), based at the University of Glasgow. NIRP is a partnership between the University of Glasgow and Birkbeck University of London. It is managed by a steering committee of curators from national and regional collections across the UK, chaired by Dr Susan Foister, Director of Collections at the National Gallery, London. The project is continuing to add digital images to the database, contributed by museums and the Public Catalogue Foundation, and is working to complete the project by adding to the database records on the 15,000 old master paintings in national university and other major<BR>regional museums not included in this initial research phase of the project.

  • Z39.50 (ANSI Z39.50)

    Z39.50 is a client-server protocol for searching and retrieving information from remote computer databases.

    A Z39.50 search works as follows:
    A user enters a search request on a Z39.50 client, with the interface and search commands that they are accustomed to using on that system.

    The "client" sends the search request to an information "server", which performs the search across one or more databases. The databases could be in different locations, on a variety of platforms and user interfaces.

    The "server" returns the results of the search to the client, in the client's own format. The user sees the search results appear within the interface of the local system they are accustomed to.

    Z39.50 is an ISO standard, ISO23950. It is more widely used in the library community than in museum applications.

    CIMI (Consortium for Interchange of Museum Information) developed a Z39.50 profile specifically for cultural heritage data. The CIMI Z39.50 profile is available in English only at:

    There are now attempts underway to update Z39.50 for the internet environment.

  • Museum Documentation Centre [Croatia]

    The Museum Documentation Centre is a public institution founded in 1955 as the documentation, information and communication node of the Croatian museum network. Through its basic activity - documentation, inormation, advisory, museological, research, educational, publication, library and exhibition activities – MDC participates in the development of the Croatian and international museum community. Today in Croatia there are some 225 museums, galleries, museum collections; 127 museums, collections and treasuries owned by religious communities, as well as a large number of private collections that hold some 6,000,000 objects.

  • Community Museums Association of Prince Edward Island - Museum Directory

    The Community Museums Association of Prince Edward Island was formed in 1983 and grew out of a need felt within the provincial museum community for stronger support services for the community museums. The mandate accepted by the Association was that of fostering and supporting historical societies and community museums, as well as facilitating communication between the various museums, governments, and other relevant organizations. From its inception, the major goal of the Association has been to upgrade the quality of museums on Prince Edward Island by providing the necessary skills and knowledge to museum operators. The movement towards high museum standards through training and the sharing of information is central to our very existence.

  • International Committee for Documentation of the International Council of Museums (ICOM-CIDOC)

    CIDOC, ICOM's International Committee for Documentation, provides the museum community with advice on good practice and developments in museum documentation.