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  • CHIN Humanities Data Dictionary Mapped to International Standards

    CHIN has mapped the Humanities Data Dictionary to other existing standards. This crosswalk is based on the Getty Standards Program's "Crosswalk of Metadata Element Sets for Art, Architecture, and Cultural Heritage Information and Online Resources". It maps among:
    - CHIN Humanities Data Dictionary,
    - Categories for the Description of Works of Art
    - Object ID
    - CIMI Access Points
    - VRA Core Categories
    - Dublin Core
    - Cataloging Cultural Objects

    Available in English and in French.

  • Networks | About CHIN

    The Canadian museum network and the network of interdisciplinary research partners supported by the Canadian Heritage Information Network (CHIN).

  • Smithsonian Institution Research Reports

    From the Web site: "Research Reports research highlights and new publications."

  • ICOM Curricula Guidelines for Museum Professional Development

    From the Web site: "The ICOM Curricula Guidelines for Museum Professional Development defines five broad areas of competencies—general descriptions of knowledge, skills and abilities (KSA's)—needed to work effectively in today's museums. The "tree" model depicted here illustrates the shared and functional competencies required by members of the museum field to understand and perform their jobs. Shared competencies, shown as roots and trunk, are those considered important for all workers to possess. Functional competencies, illustrated by interrelated branches and leaves, are those needed to perform specific activities."

  • Testing a Vocabulary Standard Against Cataloguing Practice in Canadian Museums

    This 1995 study by Heather Dunn examines the correspondence between several fields (Object Name, Object Type, Material, Technique, Culture, and School/Style) of the CHIN Humanities National Database (now Artefacts Canada:Humanities) and the Art & Architecture Thesaurus (AAT). The results of the study demonstrate the validity of the AAT as a vocabulary source or search tool for CHIN's Humanities National Database. The study also makes recommendations to the Canadian museum community on the use of the AAT. Available in French and English.

  • Building Materials Thesaurus - National Monuments Record

    Thesaurus of construction materials for built heritage. Includes top-level terms : animal ; earth mix ; man made material ; material <by form> ; metal ; mineral ; stone ; textile ; vegetal. Available in English only.

  • Canada's Accredited Zoos and Aquariums - Aquariums et Zoos Accrédités du Canada (CAZA-AZAC)

    From the Web site: "Canada's Accredited Zoos and Aquariums - Aquariums et Zoo Accrédité du Canada (CAZA-AZAC) represents the leading zoological parks and aquariums in Canada. CAZA-AZAC promotes the welfare of, and encourages the advancement and improvement of, zoological parks, aquariums and related animal exhibits in Canada as humane agencies of recreation, education, conservation, and science."

  • Museum Archive software project

    Free collection management software for museums and other nonprofits.

  • Standards for the use of the Material (MA), Technique (MT) and related fields on the Humanities National Database of the Canadian Heritage Information Network (CHIN)

    This document, published in 1992, is the result of a research project by Calum Ewing to develop standards and guidelines for the use of the Material (MA), Manufacture Technique (MT) and related fields on the CHIN Humanities Databases. Available in French and English.

  • Museum Association of Newfoundland and Labrador: Professional Development (including Certificate in Basic Museum Studies)

    This program is intended to be comprehensive and flexible and will provide museum workers with a general introduction into current theories, standards, and best practices for museums.