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  • Ontario Museum Association: Certificate in Museum Studies

    The Ontario Museum Association Certificate in Museum Studies (CMS) is one of the only museum studies training programs offered on a part-time basis for museum workers, both paid and volunteer. A Certificate in Museum Studies is awarded to participants after successful completion of the nine required courses that cover museum operation at the basic level.

  • Society of American Archivists (SAA)

    From the Web site: "Founded in 1936, the Society of American Archivists (SAA) is North America's oldest and largest national archival professional association. Serving the educational and informational needs of more than 3,400 individual and institutional members, SAA provides leadership to ensure the identification, preservation, and use of records of historical value."

  • Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC)

    From the Web site: "The Royal Architectural Institute of Canada, established in 1907, is a voluntary national association representing more than 3,000 architects, and Faculty and graduates of accredited Canadian Schools of Architecture, from every region of the country. RAIC is the voice for architecture and its practice in Canada. It provides the national framework for the development and recognition of architectural excellence."

  • European Heritage Library

    A cultural organization devoted to the European cultural awareness of Canadians, Americans, and other Europeans

  • Science Learning Network (SLN)

    From the Web site: "The Science Learning Network (SLN) is an online community of educators, students, schools, science museums and other institutions demonstrating a new model for inquiry science education."

  • Federal Agencies Digitization Guidelines Initiative

    This site is a collaborative effort by federal agencies formed as a group in 2007 to define common guidelines, methods, and practices to digitize historical content in a sustainable manner. Recognizing that the effort would require specialized expertise, two separate working groups were formed with the possibility that more tightly focused groups might be necessary as the work progressed. The Federal Agencies Still Image Digitization Working Group will concentrate its efforts on image content such as books, manuscripts, maps, and photographic prints and negatives. The Federal Agencies Audio-Visual Working Group is focusing its work on sound, video, and motion picture film.<BR>The group initially formed under the auspices of the National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program (NDIIPP), a program initiated by Congress in December 2000 to develop a national strategy to collect, archive and preserve digital content. Federal agencies represented on NDIIPP’s National Digital Strategy Advisory Board formed the initial core of the group’s membership.<BR>

  • Costume Society of America (CSA)

    The Costume Society of America advances the global understanding of all aspects of dress and appearance. We work to stimulate scholarship and encourage study in the rich and diverse field of costume.

  • Copyright Search (US)

    From the Web site: "Search copyright information by selecting one of the three databases. Note: This is an experimental, alternative search system for first-time and occasional users. You may also still use the traditional LOCIS system."

  • American Association of Museums (AAM)

    From the Web site: "The American Association of Museums is the national organization representing the museum community and addressing its needs, thereby enhancing the ability of museums to serve the public interest."

  • Social Computing from the McCord Museum's Website

    Report showing justification and results of a project by the McCord Museum to utilize social computing features on its Website, thus encouraging public interaction with the collections.