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  • Arts Organizations and Digital Technologies (en anglais seulement)

    From the overview: "A survey of a wide-ranging mix of U.S.-based arts organizations shows that the internet, social media, and mobile connectivity now permeate their operations and have changed the way they stage performances, mount and showcase their exhibits, engage their audiences, sell tickets, and raise funds."<BR><BR> The report and the survey questions are available in PDF from the website (en anglais seulement).

  • Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ)

    From the Web site: "Née de la fusion de la Bibliothèque nationale du Québec avec la Grande bibliothèque du Québec (2002), puis avec les Archives nationales du Québec (2006), Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ) a pour mission d'acquérir, de conserver et de diffuser le patrimoine documentaire publié, archivistique et filmique du Québec ou relatif au Québec."

  • Occupational Outlook Handbook: Archivists, Curators, Museum Technicians, and Conservators

    Described under Professional and Technical Occupations.

  • Museums & Intellectual Property in the Multimedia Age

    "ICOM NEWS no. 2 > 2006 Intellectual Property Museums & Intellectual Property in the Multimedia Age Dr. Trevor Carmichael, Q.C., Legal Affairs Committee"

  • Methodological Report (Case Studies of the Cataloguing Structure Committee, DOCAM)

    This report is published by the DOCAM (Documentation and Conservation of the Media Arts Heritage) Alliance, as part of the Cataloguing Structure Committee. DOCAM is an international research alliance on the documentation and the conservation of the media arts heritage.

    The report summarizes work to develop new methodologies and tools for conservation and documentation of media art, based on three case studies of works at the Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal and the National Gallery of Canada.

    Through the three case studies, cataloguing practices and tools for media art are identified, and recommendations are made for improvements to these practices and for the development of a new set of tools for documentation and preservation of media art. This study will be the basis for a practical guide to cataloguing media art, which will be produced by DOCAM in 2009. Available in French and English.

  • Crosswalk of Metadata Element Sets

    The Getty Research Institute has developed a "Crosswalk of Metadata Element Sets for Art, Architecture, and Cultural Heritage Information and Online Resources". This crosswalk maps between several metadata standards, showing commonalities and differences. Mapped standards include Categories for the Description of Works of Art (CDWA), VRA Core Categories, Dublin Core, Object ID, the CIMI Access Points, the Guide to the Description of Architectural Drawings, as well as library and archival standards. Available in English only.

  • Digital Preservation Toolkit

    A complete toolkit to help museum professionals and volunteers assess digital preservation needs, and to develop policy, plans and procedures for digital preservation.


    From the web site: "Iconclass is a subject-specific classification system; it is a hierarchically ordered collection of definitions of objects, persons, events and abstract ideas that can be the subject of an image. Museums can use Iconclass for iconographic research and the documentation of images."

    Consists of a classification system (approximately 28,000 definitions), an alphabetical index, and a bibliography with 40,000 references to books and articles of iconographical and cultural historical interest.

    It is currently only available in English.

  • MCN-L (listserv)

    From the Web site: "Beginning in October 1995, MCN launched a discussion list that is devoted to the exchange of information relating to all aspects of automation in museums. The list is open to all interested parties."

  • Partnership for a Nation of Learners

    From the Web site / du site W3 : "A joint funding initiative of CPB and the Institute of Museum and Library Services, Partnership for a Nation of Learners is designed to serve America's communities by encouraging and enabling museums, libraries and public broadcasters to work together effectively, and in a way that addresses clearly defined local needs, interests and opportunities."