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Summary "Digital Preservation - Best Practices for Museums"

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Digital Preservation—Best Practices for Museums focuses on the fact that once museums create digital collections, they must create plans to preserve these as well. Many museums create small collections of digital images for CD-ROM or for Web-based virtual exhibits; others learn how to digitize their entire collections. It is important for museums to learn proper project planning for digitization.

A Unique Perspective on Digital Preservation

Many international organizations have looked at issues of digital preservation over the last few years. However, few resources have looked at this issue from the museum’s perspective. This resource has consolidated the recommendations of several research papers about how museums can best create and manage digital collections, and includes a checklist to help museums implement their own preservation strategies. It is organized into several discrete sections, including an Abstract and Introduction, The Current Literature, Best Practices Guides, The Museum Context, Recommendations for Museums, a Checklist for Creating a Preservation Policy, and a detailed bibliography.

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